Why you need to visit the wondrous Wellington

Bastaainskloof is nestled in splendid isolation just 26km outside of this picturesque town of Wellington. Our Estate was once used as a stopover point for cattle on their way over the mountains to the market.

We offer the perfect holiday accommodation, where you can explore this amazing little place and still enjoy complete relaxation and peacefulness of our 2500-hectare private nature reserve.

Here are the top 4 town attractions we suggest enjoying when staying with us:

Bainskloof Wellington

The wonderful world of Wellington Wine

This spectacular area offers some of the best wine- producers in South Africa and was proclaimed the ‘’Top Wine Area’’ in 2010 at the exclusive 2010 South Africa Terroir Awards.

The town is at the heart of the contemporary South African wine industry, supplying up to 85% of the country’s vine cuttings.

This young wine district is made up of a 15- member wine route. Its wine route offers one major producer- cellar, enriched family-owned wine estates, a few boutique wineries and 4 potstill producers. The town’s region also boasts delectable craft beer, brandy, whiskey and gin guaranteeing a memorable visit for everyone.

For more information about our Wine Farms visit: http://www.wellington.co.za/wellington-wine-farms/

World Heritage Sites

While you are enjoying your luxury accommodation with us don’t forget to embrace our amazing Heritage sites to be seen. It offers an extensive mix of diverse cultural heritage. Here are a few Heritage sites to add to your ‘’to-do’’ list:

  • Ouma Granny’s: This museum set in a Victorian house offers a priceless collection that you can experience with a guided tour by one of the Hoogenhout sisters; an old, established Wellington family.
  • Coronation Arch in Victorian Park was built in remembrance of the coronation of King Edward VII in 1902. Visit the park and enjoy the rose garden that was designed by leading rose expert, Gwyn Fagen.
  • Wellington Dutch reformed Church is a must see landmark in the centre of town
  • Lady Loch Steel Bridge was the first of its kind to be built in South Africa on September 1853 and is still in use today.
  • Wellington Museum features the cultures of African ethnic groups, Stone-Age artefacts, Egyptian artefacts and various pioneers.

As the best way to experience this fascinating history is to stroll through the town, Historical Route map in hand. Visit The Tourism Bureau, located at 104 Main Road, 104 They will be more than happy to provide you with a comprehensive map of the town and district.


Bainskloof Pass

Bainskloof Pass is a majestic mountain pass and national monument on the R301 situated between Wellington and Ceres. The 18km pass was opened in 1854. This beautiful mountain pass reaches 594m at its highest point. On this scenic route you will see rapids, waterfalls and natural pools.

The Wellington way is the family way

With family attractions in this beautiful place you can rest assured that your children will enjoy the stay just as much as you! It is the ideal location for them to enjoy wide open spaces, dedicated swimming areas, educational game drives or even get up close to an Alpaca. For more information on exciting things to do with your family while staying with us visit: http://www.wellington.co.za/wellington-activities/wellington-family-excursions/

These are just a few of the examples of the many reasons why when you plan your next holiday, to include the wonderful town of Wellington.

Book your accommodation with us today and let us help you plan a fun-filled itinerary.