The Butterfly Effect at Bastiaanskloof

Schlossi Greyton Dark Ranger

Schlossi Greyton Dark Ranger Butterfly

Picture this: Azure sky contrasting with rocky peaks and large swathes of multidimensional green slopes… But wait… What was that little winged shadow that just flew past, barely a spec in the surrounding landscape? It is often easy to forget the “little things” hiding out in every corner of Bastiaanskloof Estate. Perhaps this is due to the sheer size of the Hawequas Mountain range or because it would mean getting down on all fours and tunneling through spiny vegetation.

Over the past couple of months, Bastiaanskloof Estate has hosted members of the Lepidopterist’s Society, people who are dedicated to the study of butterflies and moths. In other words, those ‘little things’ that often seem to disappear into the landscape, or perhaps a linen cupboard. The result of the LepSoc investigations has been incredibly successful, only enhancing the magic that is contained within the 2500 hectares of Bastiaanskloof Estate.

Here is a glimpse into the findings:

In February 2016 a member of LepSoc discovered what he believes is Kedestes niveostriga schlossi, also known as the Greyton Dark Ranger. This sighting was incredibly rare considering it is critically endangered butterfly, and only a handful of people in the entire world have ever actually seen one. As it turns out, Bastiaanskloof houses only the second known locality for this butterfly. Pretty amazing stuff if you ask me!

See featured image, so you can keep a look out the next time you are at Bastiaanskloof!!

That’s not it!

On the same visit, another member of LepSoc photographed what appears to be a new species of Aloeides, or Copper Butterfly. Check it out!

Aloeides sp Copper Butterfly

Aloeides sp – Copper-Butterfly

So next time you come to Bastiaanskloof estate make sure you bring along a magnifying glass and camera, and perhaps you will discover a rare and beautiful butterfly!!!

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