Bastiaanskloof visits Babylonstoren for a Workshop on Bees, 22nd October 2014

Bastiaanskloof visits Babylonstoren for a Workshop on BeesBastiaanskloof went to vist Babylonstoren for a very inspiring course on Bees – here are some pictures of our visit and the honey we collected from the hives…we will be introducing some hives to Bastiaanskloof.. watch this space for news of Bastiaanskloof honey in the upcoming months!

A few interesting bee facts:

  • Bees are defensive, not aggressive;
  • A hive consumes 20 litres of water per day;
  • Bees are attracted to plants with small flowers eg they love lavendars, thymes, ericas;
  • Contrary to popular belief bees are not going extinct and are very unlikely to– in fact there are more bees around today than there ever have been but there are not enough bees to pollinate the amount of food that human beings are now consuming…;
  • China produces the most honey in the world;
  • South Africa produces about 2000 tonnes a year and imports 3500 tonnes per year;
  • South Africa has two types of bees, the African bee and the Cape Honey Bee; and
  • Bees can see colour and prefer light colours hence the reason bee keepers wear white or yellow suits

Babylonstoren Workshop on BeesBastiaanskloof honey
Workshop on Bees

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