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Bastiaanskloof is a 2500 hectare private nature reserve, situated in the historic and picturesque mountain pass of Bainskloof, one and a half hour’s drive from Cape Town.

Bainskloof pass, 28km in length, was built by Andrew Geddes Bain, using convict labour and primitive tools, such as picks and shovels, sledgehammers, hand held rock drills, steel wedges and gunpowder to hack and blast through almost impossible terrain.

It took 1608 working days or 53 days per kilometre, from February 1849 to 14 September 1853 to open the way to the north via Michell’s pass to Ceres and the Karoo beyond. The pass cost about R100,000 to construct.

The pass was tarred in 1935 and declared a national monument in 1980.

Bastiaanskloof contains over 800 species of fynbos tree, shrub and plant and a wide range of fauna, including Leopard, Klipspringer, Black Eagles, Angulate Tortoises, African Clawless Otters, Giant Musk Shrews, Spectacled Doormice, Blackbacked Jackel and Cape Horseshoe bats, amongst others.

Bastiaanskloof boasts access to spectacular mountain hikes and trails and two main perennial rivers, the Witte river and the Bastiaanskloof river. Both of these rivers have beautiful waterfalls and natural pools and are still sparsely populated with indigenous Cape Galaxias, Cape Kurper and Breede River Redfin.

The property forms part of the Boland Mountain Complex in the Cape Floristic region, one of eight areas in South Africa designated by Unesco as World Heritage sites. Places as unique and diverse as the wilds of East Africa’s Serengeti, the pyramids of Egypt, the Great Wall of China, the Great Barrier Reef in Australia and the Baroque Cathedrals of Latin America make up Unesco’s World heritage sites.

In summer the highlight of anyone’s visit is to take a dip in the cool, clear water to cleanse, invigorate and relax. The riverbanks are ideal places for picnics.

In the evening, we encourage you to cook up a storm, set the table outside under the stars and enjoy long drawn-out meals with plenty of wine and conversation.

In winter, evenings are spent inside playing games, snug and happy in front of the fire. Some are up before sunrise for a walk and some lie in with a book.

We welcome you to join us in discovering this unique environment, set amongst spectacular Western Cape views and silence.


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